New eBook: A Story of Health preview (pdf)

Coming Soon – A Story of Health e-Book
September 2014
The first installment of a new eBook on how to promote health and prevent disease will soon be available. The book uses a series of case vignettes to highlight how our environments – the natural, built, chemical, food, economic, and social environments – affect our health across the lifespan and how these different environments interact with genetics and each other to influence health. The book explores the potential environmental causes of common diseases and conditions such as asthma, developmental disabilities, cancer, infertility, diabetes, and cognitive decline and how to prevent them and promote health by shaping the environments where we live, eat, work, play, pray, volunteer, gather and socialize. Its intended audience includes clinicians, health advocates and policy makers. It will eventually also be available with free continuing education credits for health professionals. Preview the e-book (pdf).