UCSF PEHSU: Pediatric Environmental Health Interactive Curriculum - The Home Visit

In this exercise you will learn to perform a basic environmental health assessment and analyze your findings. You will also learn to give age appropriate anticipatory guidance using the Pediatric Environmental Health Toolkit (PEH Toolkit). This exercise will also help you become more familiar with environmental health topics and resources.

Preparation (Approximately 30 minutes)
Prior to visiting your patient;

  1. Review Chapter 4 and 5 in the AAP Green Book 2nd Ed.
  2. Review the PEH Toolkit materials.
  3. Read the Key Concepts in the PEH Toolkit.

During the Visit (Approximately 90 minutes)
Fill out the History and Home Inventory Form when visiting your patient.

Provide your patient with age appropriate anticipatory guidance about environmental health using the PEH Toolkit materials.

Using the History and Home Inventory Form:
In the first column are questions you must answer with either observation or history while at the patient’s home. In the next column, fill in your findings. In the final column, mark if the answer raises concerns about your patient’s health. In your assessment you will explore these concerns.

After the Visit (Approximately 90 minutes)
Write up your history and inventory using the Assessment Form and place it in the patient’s chart. Use the AAP Green Book to learn more about your patient’s environmental health concerns. Your plan should include preventive messages and recommended interventions you intend to share with the patient’s family. You may also want to identify ways to advocate for your patient’s environmental health.

At your next visit with the patient, discuss your assessment and plan with the family. Depending on your findings, you may want to make an appointment specifically for this discussion.

Useful Resources
The AAP Green Book: Pediatric Environmental Health 2nd Edition
The Pediatric Environmental Health Toolkit

To familiarize yourself with visiting a home, you may go to http://www.healthyhomestraining.org/Nurse/index.htm and click on sections under “Video” on the right hand toolbar.