• Telephone Consultation

    Health care professionals, parents, public health agencies, educators and community members can call our specialists to discuss pediatric and reproductive environmental health and exposure issues

  • Referrals and Clinical Consultation

    Pediatric and obstetric providers can arrange for their patients to be evaluated by a multidisciplinary team staffed by experts in environmental medicine, pediatrics and clinical toxicology. The clinics are open to children from infancy to adolescence, and to pregnant women, for evaluation of exposures to toxicants or illness that may be related to environmental exposures. To initiate a referral or a consultation, call the UCSF PEHSU at (415) 206-4083, or email us at pehsu@ucsf.edu.

  • Educational Material and Training

    Our specialty-trained staff provides educational programs to health care providers and community groups. Training will be provided to resident and practicing physicians in the principles of children’s environmental health. Educational materials and resources will be accessible via web site or by mail. These materials will include information regarding indoor/outdoor air quality, respiratory illness and asthma, neurodevelopmental disorders, heavy metal and chemical hazards, and adolescent occupational hazards.

  • Research

    The PEHSU does not conduct research, though our clinicians and scientists often do conduct research in their work in areas such as childhood asthma and air quality, heavy metal and chemical exposures, reproductive environmental health, and neurodevelopmental disorders.



  • Center for Integrative Research on Childhood Leukemia and the Environment (CIRCLE)

UCSF PEHSU has been working with the Center for Integrative Research on Childhood Leukemia and the Environment (CIRCLE) at the University of California Berkeley. CIRCLE’s scientists collaborate in new ways and use the latest methods to search for the causes of leukemia in children. Leukemia is the cancer that is most commonly diagnosed inchildren, so it is very important to find its causes and do whatever we can to eliminate them.

They have learned that there are several different kinds of leukemia that probably have different causes and that  looking at these individually is essential in determining the causes of the disease.

They are looking at exposures that occur in people’s houses to see whether they cause leukemia.  As a result, they have learned a lot about contaminants that are in house dust. They work with investigators all around the world through the Childhood Leukemia International Consortium (CLIC).

UCSF PEHSU is partnering to help to bring this new evolving knowledge to doctors, nurses, and others in the health care community. UCSF PEHSU, Dr. Gary Dahl, Pediatric Oncologist and Professor of Medicine at Stanford, and CIRCLE have recently conducted a survey of medical specialists who care for children with cancer to determine how the growing information about environmental chemicals and children’s cancer is incorporated into their daily practice. A summary of this was presented at the Americal Public Health Association Meeting in October 2012 by UCSF PEHSU’s Christine Zachek. More information about the CIRCLE program can be found at http://circle.berkeley.edu.

A recent publication from CIRCLE researchers shows that Latino children are more likely to develop leukemia than non-Latino children.  The paper also reported that the incidence of childhood leukemia is increasing at a faster rate among Latino children than among non-Latino, white children. Read about these findings here.

  • Environmental Health at the U.S. Mexican Border

The WS PEHSU, in partnership with the U.S. EPA,  recently began a project working with health promotores on both sides of the border, providing workshops on environmental health tailored to the circumstances of communities along the border.

  • Promoting Environmental Health in Early Care and Education

Vickie Leonard, WS PEHSU Program Coordinator, has been working with child care programs to improve policies, practices and product selection that impact environmental health in ECE. Click here for more information on this project.



The UCSF PEHSU physicians and staff inform scientific and clinical communities about children’s environmental health through researching and writing articles for publication on timely topics. This page contains links to recent and past publications authored by UCSF PEHSU staff and other collaborators related to specific chemical exposures, their clinical implications, and patient communication. Please visit our Articles page.

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