Improving Environmental Health Literacy of Young Adults

This project “Improving Environmental Health Literacy of Young Adults” is intended to create awareness of the role of pre-conception and prenatal environmental influences on the development of childhood leukemia and other diseases including developmental disabilities, asthma, and reproductive health.

PCBs in Schools

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are chemicals that were manufactured in the United States from 1929 until they were banned in 1979.These materials were widely used in construction projects in the 1950s–1970s, a period when many school buildings were built in the U.S. to accommodate Baby Boom children.

Environmental Health in Early Care and Education Project

Many young children spend the majority of their waking hours in child care facilities. The health impacts of environmental health exposures are especially important for this age group. Promoting Environmental Health in Early Care and Education Project addresses these exposures.

A Story of Health – A Multi-media eBook

Narrative approaches and storytelling are emerging as powerful health promotion tools that can spark interest, increase understanding of determinants of health, and translate complex science. A Story of Health, a multimedia e-book with continuing education credits was designed to harness the power of storytelling to increase environmental health literacy.

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