UCSF PEHSU: Pediatric Environmental Health Interactive Curriculum - Fact Check

Worksheet (pdf)

In this exercise you will practice using environmental health resources to critically evaluate mainstream publications. You will also become more familiar with current events in environmental health.

Primary Resources (in addition to Medline)
Pediatric Environmental Health Toolkit, Published by Physicians for Social Responsibility

Pediatric Environmental Health, Edited by Ruth Etzel, American Academy of Pediatrics

American Academy of Pediatrics Statements of the Committee on Environmental Health

ATDSR ToxFAQs: Frequently asked questions about contaminants.

http://www.epa.gov: You can query EPA information studies and fact sheets about human exposures.


  1. Select a newspaper clipping, magazine article, blog, or website from mainstream media. It should be from within the past month.
  2. Using peer reviewed sources, review the basics of the topic discussed.
  3. Evaluate the information provided for accuracy and completeness.

How well did this source interpret environmental health science for the average reader?
How could the accuracies and inaccuracies in the article effect patient behavior?
How would you discuss this article with the patient?
Is this new information? If so, should we consider new preventive messages in the clinic?

Could this article impact the physician/patient relationship?