A project of the Center for Integrative Research on Childhood Leukemia and the Environment (CIRCLE) Community Outreach and Translation Core (COTC) at the University of California, Berkeley in collaboration with the Western States PEHSU.

How and where we live, work, play and socialize influence our physical and mental health every day throughout our lives. Healthy natural and built environments, good nutrition, regular exercise, positive social interaction, stress reduction and avoidance of toxic exposures can help create the conditions for health across the lifespan. Young adults and prospective parents are a key audience for messaging on how and why to choose safer practices and products to reduce environmental exposures and enhance lifelong health for themselves and for their children.

This project “Improving Environmental Health Literacy of Young Adults” is intended to create awareness of the role of pre-conception and prenatal environmental influences on the development of childhood leukemia and other diseases including developmental disabilities, asthma, and reproductive health.

Here, we feature two projects developed by our team to educate young couples on environmental toxicants that can impact the health of their children, even before conception. These materials are based on the Story of Health eBook.

Video (English)

This ten minute shadow puppet video uses a novel format that tells a story about a young couple learning about the risks of toxicant exposure before conception and during pregnancy.

Video (Spanish)

Este video títere de sombra de diez minutos utiliza un formato novedoso que cuenta una historia sobre una joven pareja que conoce los riesgos de exposición a tóxicos antes de la concepción y durante el embarazo.

Fotonovela Coming Soon


This twelve page comic book style fotonovela uses a story format to familiarize young couples with the risks of toxicant exposure before conception and during pregnancy.

The full fotonovela will be available for download and in hard copy in January 2017.

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