New Fact Sheets: Children Can Be Poisoned by Imported Makeup

We’ve seen an increase in lead poisoning among immigrant children in our region from use of lead containing imported makeup. In response, the Western States PEHSU has developed a set of fact sheets on the risks of using these makeup products on children. They are available in six languages. Each has an English version on the back, and is tailored to the relevant language speakers. If you are interested in using these fact sheets in your work with children, there is a space where you can add your logo and contact information. Please contact us for more information.

In Six Languages:

WSPEHSU Community Health Educator, Noor Nawabi, was recently interviewed on an Afghani TV station in Pittsburgh, CA about the risks of using imported makeup on children. He was interviewed along with Zarin Noor, an Afghani pediatrician. The show is available here.

Lead is a Poison

Imported makeup containing lead is called many names, including surma, kohl, ranja, kajal, or al-kahal. People have used these products for a long time. Most of these products that come from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East contain lead.  Now we know it is dangerous.

Children across the United States have been poisoned from

Lead can poison the brain and make it hard for children to learn, pay attention, and behave.

“My daughter was poisoned by kohl. We couldn’t even tell she was sick. A doctor tested her blood for lead. I thought kohl was healthy because it is natural. Now I know it has lead, which hurts children.”

– Refugee Mother