Stephanie Holm, MD, PhD, MPH is a pediatrician, occupational environmental medicine physician, and epidemiologist, who is particularly interested in airborne exposures and how they contribute to pediatric health and well-being. She is board certified in both pediatrics and occupational/environmental medicine (trained at Children’s Hospital and Research Center Oakland and University of California San Francisco, respectively). She also completed a year of pediatric pulmonary training at Oakland before leaving to further pursue her interests in pediatric research and pediatric environmental medicine.  Dr. Holm completed an MPH in 2017 and a PhD in 2021 in epidemiology at UC Berkeley.

She leverages her training in both clinical medicine and public health to do environmental epidemiology research, communicate research findings to the public and to help move those findings into policy actions. She has led and contributed to multiple community-engaged research projects assessing the health effects of air pollution (indoor and outdoor) in California children (especially those in environmental justice communities). These have included leading the  AIM project (Airflow Improvements during Meal-prep), collaborating on the Children’s Health and Air Pollution Study (CHAPS), and serving on the leadership team for Cooking Electrification and Ventilation Improvements for Children’s Asthma (CEVICA).  Her ongoing research activities include work on outdoor air pollution and its effects on metabolic and neurologic outcomes in children, as well as work on cooking-related indoor air pollution and associated health effects in children. As a former Public Health Medical Officer within the California EPA, she also has a keen sense of how research can inform policy actions. Dr. Holm is also the Director of the Western States Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit (WSPEHSU)—a group that focuses on education and outreach regarding children’s environmental health. Dr. Holm serves as a member of the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine Committee on Personal Protective Equipment, and the Advisory Council for the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.