Climate Change

Viviendo Verde
En este espacio podrás encontrar herramientas que te ayudarán a conocer más y a activarte en la protección del medio ambiente y a combatir los efectos nocivos del cambio climático.
Ayúdanos a proteger a nuestras familias, a nuestras comunidades y a nuestra Madre Tierra.

Climate Change, Health, and Equity: A Guide for Local Health Departments

This guide is authored by the Public Health Institute with support from APHA, the Kresge Foundation, and the California Department of Public Health. It includes overviews of climate science, health impacts of climate change and how health equity fits into the equation. It discusses what local health departments can do to include climate change and health equity into assessment and surveillance, intersectoral collaboration, community engagement and education, climate and health communications, preparedness and more. This companion U.S. brief,  released by APHA and The Lancet, hones in on the health impacts of climate change in America.



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