ranganDr. Rangan is a Los Angeles Area Regional Consultant and is Director of the Bureau of Toxicology & Environmental Assessment at the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. He investigates individual and community reports of environmentally related illnesses or disease clusters in both adults and children, and provides expert consultation and education to hospitals and other impacted professionals about health-related issues in Toxicology, “HazMat”, epidemiology, and environmental health. Dr. Rangan serves as Director of the Los Angeles Area Medical Toxicology Education Program for the California Poison Control System. He will provide lectures and media support for medical providers, hospitals, healthcare groups, health agencies, and schools. Dr. Rangan is an attending physician and consulting Medical Toxicologist at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, clinical instructor at the USC/Keck School of Medicine, and serves as a consultant to medically related television shows and programming.